134 Reade Street
New York City 10013



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11AM - 2.30PM (Brunch)
5PM–10PM (Supper)

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“Marc Forgione is rustic and urban at once, a loft that might be in a Hudson River mill town.  A long bar sits to the west, with a warm, rough-hewn dining room beside it.  Service in the restaurant is warm and practiced, the food about three times better than it needs to be.  There are elements of Italian cooking on the freewheeling and often-changing dinner menu, and some French and Chinese and southeast Asian notes as well.  You might start with a hiramasa tartate with avocado and Sichuan buttons, then move on to scallops in a Thai curry, and finish with pumpkin pie. Really, you might. The restaurant’s food, cooked by its chef and owner, Marc Forgione is sometimes sweet.  Other times, it is salty, sour and spicy.  Sometimes its all four – and loudly so.  The brashness is deeply and above all American; an augmentation of international cuisines in a land of plenty.
~Sam Sifton, New York Times

“The farmhouse-chic that permeates Manhattan’s restaurant scene isnt going anywhere to find relief anytime soon if the designers here have a say in the matter.  But only the most jaded critic could deny the rustic, lived-in good looks on display here; this is reclaimed flooring and moody glass lanterns at its finest. In fact, it ought to be the blueprint for like-minded interior endeavors.

The food’s no slouch either, with the young, much hyped Marc Forgione at the wheel.  Even if he hadnt cut his teeth in the kitchens of famed chefs, Patricia Yeo and Laurent Tourondel, he’s got excellent foodie stock in famed locavore Dad, Larry Forgione-a pedigree on full display when he elevates a humdrum corn cake to decadent new heights in his peach upside-down cake, an otherwordly concoction paired with corn ice cream and caramel corn.

A spin through the rest of his short, but impressive menu might start with theatrically-presented, divine potato rolls; a bright Kona Kampachi tartare shot with avocado and American caviar; a tender leg of suckling pig, sided with Anson Mills grits and a smattering of seasonal veg; or potato-wrapped fluke, draped in golden-raisin-and-caper brown butter sauce.
~The 2010 MICHELIN Guide

“The only question: can the kid cook? The answer: yes”

“Diver Sea Scallops were immaculate, both in appearance-crisscross pattern on the large seared mollusks could be in a food stylists portfolio-and taste.”
~ Randall Lane, TimeOut New York

“You’ll find the design speaks to that familiar farmhouse-styled vibe but somehow here it feels more striking rather than monotonous”
“It’s a gracious, convivial and sexy restaurant-the sort of place you want to come in and stay awhile.”
~ Andrea Strong, The Strong Buzz

“Marc Forgione serves a colossal, improbably tender boneless rib eye.”
~ Adam Platt, New York Magazine

“Not a molecular burp anywhere. Just real food most food-obsessed New Yorkers want to eat.”
~ Gael Greene, The Insatiable Critic

“I think the kid might turn out to be a better chef than the old man.”
~ Alan Richman, GQ

“You could put this sauce on dog shit and it would taste good!”
~ Chris’ Uncle Jim

“Marc delivers bold, finely crafted flavors, in a dark and serious setting, complete with brick walls and dark wood floors … Don’t let its Michelin status intimidate you.  This is the type of food you could eat every day and not feel too indulged, which, in effect, you are.
~ Norma knows New York City

“by the time I got to dessert portion of our 5 course tasting menu, I felt that God himself had f’d my mouth!”
~ Zachary S. via YELP